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Consulting & Design

Consulting & Design

Leslie Coatings Inc. is known for our “Design and Build” capabilities and for completing an entire project for you on time and budget. We have spent the last four decades keeping our staff educated and at the center of the latest technologies and installation methods of our industry.  We have hundreds of sites where we have taken a virgin or existing site and developed it into a completed athletic facility. This saves the owner time, money and problems with the construction and design of their facility.

Our services are available to the owner who needs a site analysis for new construction or a remedy for an existing problem. We offer theses services to architectural and engineering firms with a need for design and specification information for a specific athletic facility or as a part of a greater building project.

Expert analysis of site conditions and testing, overall design possibilities and providing specifications and drawings for your project are at the heart of our “Design and Build” concept. Leslie Coatings Inc. stands ready to complete your entire Tennis Court, Running Track or outdoor athletic facility.

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